A friend of mine told me that many people don’t like to read articles these days. They want content fed to them with videos and music. So, to please those folks, I put the article into a video. For everyone else, some helpful information is typed out below the video. Now that I have catered to both segments of the online community, no one has any excuse not to take action today. Right??

The letter P starts off many words that we use in the internet marketing world. Many businesses use a Paypal button on their order pages. All websites should have a Privacy Policy along with a terms of service Page.  One thing all business owners have in common is that they are always Prospecting for new customers.  Right???

However, let’s not overlook other important tools that begin with the letter P and can help add substantial amounts of Popularity, Prospects and Profits to our bottom lines.


  • Pinterest  – This is an excellent source for Backlinks, as well as inexpensive PAID and free traffic.
  • PDF Files – Got lots of content? Create PDF files and sprinkle them with links to your sales page, lead capture page, affiliate links, video links and more! Then you can Pass your PDF files all over the web. Again, this is great for backlinks, branding and lead generation.
  • Press Releases – This is a resource that is not well-known among newbies. Submitting your  Press release to both free and Paid outlets can earn you lots of rewards. Many Press release sites have a very high Page Rank. The link juice from this effort will not leave you thirsty very long.
  • Peerfly – This is one of many great CPA networks (Cost – Per – Action). This is a Place where you can grab the html code or affiliate links to dozens of offers and use them to monetize your content. On the other hand, you can submit your own offer as an advertiser and only pay when someone makes a purchase or completes your lead form. On my affiliate marketing blog, I posted the top 5 reasons to join the Peerfly Network.
  • Publishing – Make sure you are publishing your content regularly. You can sell it on Amazon as an e-book. You can publish video and audio content, even contests.

The People you hope to bring to your subscriber list will surely enjoy what you have to share. 

Sure, I could have mentioned having more Pictures on your social media Posts, or Pretty buttons. All of the above P‘s can earn you Passive Income when Practiced Passionately.

Did I make myself PERFECTLY clear? Great! Now Purchase my Pinterest training course for a huge discount and Pray that I keep the Price down! 

*Kidding!!… No seriously though…. ummm. Set up you Peerfly Account here.