Here are three popular social media marketing tools. These represent an alternative to outsourcing. However, even with these tools, a busy business owner would still need to put in the time to create, edit and publish content and keep track of all the engagements that these tools can generate. It is a time saver to have social media marketing tools, but this still requires an investment of time to make sure that marketing strategies are carefully executed.





Since these tools are all very good in terms of getting the job done, it all comes down to price. Sociocaster allows for a lot of creativity as do all of these.  It’s search features are great. However, as an agency, we do a lot more hands-on, customized work for our clients. Octosuite offers a one-time payment, unlike Sociocaster and Hootsuite which require a monthly fee. Octosuite’s platform allows posting into multiple groups at once. If done within the guidelines and rules of the groups, this can be a massive traffic generator and time-saving tool.

Hootsuite offers a free plan for beginners. This plan allows for the management of up to 3 social accounts. It includes basic analytics and content scheduling. The only downfall is that Hootsuite does not yet allow mass posting into groups. This means that group posting must be done manually if at all. This is time consuming and no comparative data can be retrieved from such efforts.